Friday, August 3, 2012

Important Dates, Deadlines and Registration Tips for Fall Semester

Welcome students! We have some important dates and information for you. Let's start off with some of the dates and deadlines. At the bottom of this entry you'll also find info about registering for classes, in case you haven't done so yet.  Registration is open now and will stay open through the drop add period listed below.
Full Term August 25 - December 14
Weekend College/College @ Home August 25 - December 14
10 Week September 4 - November 16
1st 5 Week August 25 - Sept. 28
2nd 5 Week Sept. 29 - November 7
1st 7 Week August 25 - October 12
2nd 7 Week October 18 - December 14
RODP August 25 - December 13
Hybrid August 25 - December 14
Online August 25 - December 14
RODP 7 Week August 25 - October 19

Session Drop/Add
Full Term August 25- August 29
10 Week September 4 - September 5
1st 5 Week August 25 - August 28
2nd 5 Week Sept. 29 - October 2
1st 7 Week August 25 - August 28
2nd 7 Week October 18 - October 19
RODP August 25- August 29
RODP 7 Week Up to August 24

If you register/add classes before August 15 – Fees are due by August 15
If you register/add classes after August 15 through late registration – Fees are due at time of Registration

REMEMBER – If fees are not paid by the due date, you will be dropped from your classes and you will have to re-register. Visit the Business Office website at
for additional information.

Last day to withdraw from college or drop a class

Full Term November 2
10 Week October 19
1st 5 Week September 17
2nd 5 Week October 25
1st 7 Week September 26
2nd 7 Week November 19
RODP November 2
RODP 7 Week September 7


Last Day for Refund of:
Session 100% 75% 25%

Full Term August 26 September 7 September 21

1st 5 Week August 26 August 29 September 3

1st 7 Week August 26 August 31 September 6

RODP August 26 September 7 September 21

Full Time Friday August 30 September 13 September 26

10 Week September 3 September 12 September 21

2nd 5 Week September 28 October 3 October 7

2nd 7 Week October 17 October 24 October 29

RODP 7 Week August 27 September 2 September 6

-Refunds are calculated on billed credit hour

-The deferred payment plan is available for Fall 2012. For additional information visit:

Fall Registration

If you are a current student or have already applied to the college, been through orientation and seen an advisor, then it's time to register for fall classes. We want to make your registration process as smooth as possible. This information will help you properly navigate through our registration system. If the information doesn't address an issue you are having with your registration process, there are three offices that may be able to help you.

Advising Center - 615-230-3702 (help with non-technical issues such as holds on your account)

IT Help Desk - 615-230-3302 (password and login problems)

Records Office - 615-230-3466 (all other Pride Online issues)

Logging In to the Registration System

Get to the Pride Online registration system via the My Vol State portal (

Your Username is the first part of your Volstate email address, for example, if your email was your username would be jdoe47

The first time you login to the Portal, your username will be your 6 digit date of birth (for example, January 12, 1901 would be 011201)

Click the “Login” button to enter the system

If you have trouble logging in or get an error of some kind, please contact the Helpdesk at 615-230-3302.

Once you are logged in, click on the Pride Online tab to get started.

Finding Classes

Under the “Student Menu” heading, chose “Look Up Classes”

Type in the term for which you are trying to register or chose it from the drop down menu, click “submit”

You must select one or more subjects for the search engine to work, all other selection boxes are optional. If you would like to search for more than one subject, hold the control button down and click on each subject you would like to search. It should highlight each one.

Once you have made your selections, click “Class Search”.

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