Thursday, September 27, 2012

College Students Search for jobs

There may be less of a strain on our economy this year. Compared to last year, the unemployment rate for college students is down about 1.7%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
When Vol State hosted a career fair yesterday, many students and people from the community leapt at the opportunity to find work. The Job Fair had more than 80 employers represented and that may be an indication the economy is improving.
Student, Jose Robles, came to the career fair after he heard about it from his speech instructor.

“I figured it would be a good time to search for a job. I’ve been looking for a few months and going to interviews, but I haven’t been called back. I’m bilingual, so maybe one of these companies will need me.”

“I’ve been looking for a job a couple of months now,” said student, Alli Gerts. “I am mostly looking for a retail job. Right now I work at Home Goods and I don’t get enough hours.”

Kealani Hughes, a student who is employed by McDonald's, says that she “hates” working fast food. She continues her search for a better job.
Vol State Fall 2012 Career Fair

“This year, I found that it’s not so hard to find a job if you look in the right place,” said student Kyle Weakland. Most of the jobs that he found, he says came from radio and Google ads.

Some students feel like most jobs that college students are hired to perform are menial. They would prefer a job in a field that they are studying. They feel like they have proper education and qualifications.

“It’s really hard to get a job these days unless you have a degree in hand, but it’s good to have prospects,” said student Joseph Rowland. “I work for a big corporation and its hard working for them and going to school.” 

Kathryn Medrano said, “It’s still hard to find a job. They (employers) don’t want students, they want graduates.” Medrano says that she is already employed by McDonald's, but she, like Hughes, is looking for a new job.

“Even if you have an awesome job, you should keep your options open," said Rowland.

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