Monday, September 17, 2012

Fundraiser Brings a New Perspective

The Harvest Moon Soirée is a big fundraiser for Vol State. This year the event brought in $32,000 for student scholarships. It's always interesting to view the Soirée from a student perspective. This year President's Ambassador Amanda Coons attended to help with the event. This is her report:

I just recently worked an event for the Vol State Foundation called the Harvest Moon Soirée. I was not sure what to expect out of this event but I was thrilled when I found out the amount of people that attended. I was expecting to see the teachers and staff from Vol State but to my surprise it was much more then that... There were all sorts of individuals from the surrounding area that were there to support Vol State and it's students.
It made me realize that my assumptions that I had in high school about Vol State were totally wrong. When I was in high school, nobody wanted to admit that they were going to attend Vol State because it was right down the road from where we lived and went to school and who was going to get a true college experience there. I had the assumption that you couldn't get a real degree from Vol State but boy was I wrong. I have come to realize that Vol State is an amazing school! It is full of wonderful faculty and staff that truly care about the well being of the student and there are SO many programs and degrees that are offered. Vol State offers programs that I didn't even know existed and there are several advantages to being a part of a smaller college campus. I thoroughly enjoy the smaller class sizes and personal time that you get with the professors that you probably wouldn't get at a larger campus. I only wish I would have know all this when I was in high school and then I would have come to Vol State much sooner!
President's Ambassador Jennifer Erickson spoke at the event and the Vol State Bluegrass Ensemble provided the music. Thanks to the College Foundation for organizing a great night.

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