Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Knocking down walls of the Thigpen Library

You may have already heard about the renovations coming to the Thigpen Library. Renovations were supposed to begin last spring, but because of various stages of planning, the project has been pushed back to this fall.
“Right now I think it’s going to cause more chaos, they should start after the semester," said student Delphine Batamuriza. “I just hope that it is nice and worth it.”
The project is not one that the library staff is looking forward to either, but students should appreciate the results. 
The majority of the library staff offices are being moved to make room for the new “Learning Commons” that will be on the first floor. During renovations, the walls of the classrooms on the first floor will be knocked down in order to be a part of the “Learning Commons.”  Students may already be familiar with the Learning Commons, it's where Learning Support classes are taught. It will provide a lot more space and added facilities for Learning Support students.
Don’t worry about being in the way of walls being knocked down. The first phase of the renovations will begin on the second floor.
“The second floor will be shut down while they are working on it, but library staff will be able to go up and retrieve any books that a student may need,” said Louise Kelly, Director of Library Services.

"I like this area, (the second floor) because it is so much quiet than the downstairs with all the computers, printers and people,” said student Daniel Davidson. “I don’t like irritation and distraction from others.”

One of my favorite spots in the library is the paralegal study room. It houses law books for the paralegal students who have first priority to the room. I discovered the room a few semesters ago and I hide out there to write and study in quiet. The room is becoming office space for Louise Kelly and Mrs. Victoria Comer and the law books are being moved to empty selves upstairs.
“Oh no, I just discovered it. This was going to be my hang-out spot,” said student Chrissa Hollandsworth.
During the second phase everyone will be upstairs, including the library staff, even the computers and printers from downstairs.

“It’s going to be tight and crowded,” said Kelly.
On the second floor, after the renovations, a “silent study room” with table, chairs and comfortable lounge chairs will be available for students to go and study.  Also a new “library instruction room” with 30 computers will go upstairs replacing the room behind the reference desk with only 18 computers.
“I just want students to know what is going on, and how it will affect them and how they might need to make other arrangements,” said Kelly.
“I may try it once or twice, but if they have a lot of stuff going on, I’ll go find someplace else,” Davidson said.

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