Friday, October 19, 2012

Diego Alonzo Talks About Hispanic Culture

Imagine living in a country with little to no diversity. A country where the economy is so bad that people are stealing just to get money needed to survive. Now imagine leaving that country at the age of 14 and coming to a country that was built on diversity and filled with individuals from just about every other county in the world.
Diego Alonzo, a Vol State student, experienced this type of change and culture shock when he and his immediate family moved from Maracaibo, Venezuela to the U.S.  
“It was hard for me to leave behind family and friends, but it taught me to live in a completely new culture, other than my own,” he said. 
Diego said the economy was getting so bad that people were stealing and killing to get money.
“In some ways, I was scared from watching the news. People were being shot over cars, cell phones, just material stuff.”
“My father’s God mother's husband was killed on his way to work when he refused to give them his car.”
Because of these horrendous events in the country, Diego said that he was happy to come to the U.S., plus he would get a better education.
“You don’t see much race diversity [in Venezuela], so there is no groups that get together… I guess the other races just adapt to our culture.” 
But here in the U.S., we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month from Sept. 15- Oct. 15. Diego said that it reminds him of his country.
“Hispanic people like to party… we are pretty sociable.”
“I think Hispanic heritage month is a rewarding experience… helps you grow up and see different things in a different way. Helps you be more open to people who are different from your culture.”
“It's not leaving your country behind, but being in a new country helps you grow-up and see things in a different way… I’m not the same guy I was six years ago.”
Vol State wants everyone to come out and experience Hispanic culture with the Fall Fiesta this Saturday, October 20. It will be held from 10am to 4pm outside on the campus plaza. There will be music, food and fun for adults and kids. It's free and open to everyone.

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