Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spring Graduation Deadline is Approaching

Are you planning to graduate Spring 2013? Well if so, you will need to get your graduation application in before the final deadline.
The Office of Records & Registration revised the deadlines in September 2012 to allow more students the opportunity to graduate by graduation deadline.

“Students need to get those in now and not wait to the last day,” said Howard Espravnik, manager of WVCP and Associate Professor of Communication.
When reminded that the date was Oct. 31, 2012 and the priority deadline is Oct. 31, 2012 Espravnik said, “Oh Gosh. Well then, they need to get those done today!”
There is now a priority deadline and a final deadline. Those who return their graduation packages by the priority deadline, Oct. 31, 2012, will have an opportunity to have a preliminary graduation audit by the Graduation Analyst.
“Getting the application in by the priority deadline gives me time to audit them,” said Amber Regan, Graduation Analyst.
Students that return their packages after the priority deadline, but before the final deadline of Feb. 1, 2013 will have an opportunity to graduate; however they will not be guaranteed an audit before the spring semester.
The sooner a student can get an application in, better the possibility that the student will not be surprised with classes they may need in order to graduate.
Nancy Sparkman said that she sat down with her advisor to go over her graduation packet and learned an interesting fact.
“I now have to take the computer literacy test, because if I fail, I will have to take the class in the spring,” said Sparkman.
If INFS 1010 is not required for your degree, you may skip the class by taking and passing the Computer Competency Exam (CCE). A pass of the class or test is required for all students in order to graduate with a degree from Vol State. Don't wait until Feb. and then find out that you are missing this one component in order to graduate. 
Spring enrollment begins Nov. 12, 2012, so connect with your advisor to enroll in classes needed to graduate in this spring.


Anonymous said...

I logged into MyVolState, clicked on Academics, located Academic Profile and under the Advisor section is blank. How do we find out who our advisor is? Do you have to be a full time student?

Vol State said...

Give the Advising Center a call and they can help: 230-3702 or visit them in Ramer 174.