Friday, October 12, 2012

Student Leaders at National Leadership Conference

The Vol State Student Government Association executive board along with the Senior Senator at Large are currently in St. Louis to attend the 34th Annual Leadership National Leadership Conference on Student Government. The students include Aaron Thomas- President, me- VP, TrĂ© McCreary- Attorney General, Joe Kaiga- Secretary of Treasury, Brent Mercer -Secretary of State. And Megan Sexton- Senior Senator at Large
You may be thinking, yeah, a trip to the STL, but we are actually spending the majority of our time in workshops. The workshops are for us to gain valuable information about becoming more proficient student leaders by learning from the presenters and also listening to other student leaders. We're finding out what works for them and their colleges and universities.
There are about 200 people in attendance including student leaders, advisors, and presenters. They have come from distances as far north as Boston and as far west as Los Angeles.
Today, there was a workshop about creating a smoke free campus, which has been a hot topic at our campus the last few weeks. I think Vol State SGA has obtained enough feedback from other schools to help with the situation at our school.
Even though it is work, we have had a great time meeting and networking with student leaders and exchanging sweatshirts and memorabilia from the school.
Although we have not had much time to explore the city, after the lectures tonight we are taking a bus downtown to the galleria mall and visiting the St. Louis Arch tomorrow.
It may sound cheesy, but I am enjoying my time here and all the information I have obtained on the first day. I can’t wait to get back and inform the General Assembly of the ideas that I have running wild in my head.

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Jesse Walker said...

Can't wait to hear your new ideas!