Thursday, October 4, 2012

What if Vol State went smoke-free?

Call it a right or a privilege but smoking on campus may soon be banned. With such a heated topic, should Vol State ban smoking on campus?
President Faulkner was present during the SGA general assembly meeting on Sept. 24 to discuss the possibilities of Vol State, like many other TBR schools, becoming a smoke free campus.  Other than club representatives and Senators-at-Large, there wasn’t a big turn-out of students present to speak on the subject, maybe about five non SGA members. But students who are smokers and nonsmokers have expressed their opinions on the subject. 
Would this be a nicer photo
without the ash-tray and sign?
“That’s not cool,” said student Kameron Moore. “People can do what they want to do, it’s their option.”
“I don’t smoke and I don’t support it (a smoke free campus),” said Jordan Ovenshire, a student.  “I would most likely support a smoke free campus, but it would be for an area for them to smoke,”
“Smoking should be in a certain location,” said student, Kayla Carney. “I hate when people come up and blow smoke in your face. I understand if you’re addicted to nicotine, but you should be respectful of those who don’t smoke.”
I’ve smelled smoke on me before,” said Tyler Belshire, a student. I think there should be an area away from the buildings, it gets annoying.”
“I think they should have a spot where they can smoke, but it should be off campus,” said Lyndsey Stewart, a student.
“I don’t mind that people smoke as long as they have an area that other people aren’t affected by it, and if they break the rules, they should pay a fine, a student Kandice Wilkerson said.”
“Abolish it! I’m a student and an athlete and second-hand-smoke is bad on my lungs,” said Treshawn Coleman, Pioneer basketball player. If I’m getting the second-hand-smoke, I may as well smoke.”

With the ash-tray next to the door, some students
feel they are likely to have smoke blown in their face
 as they enter the building.
“You can’t break people’s habits,” said Justin Perry.  There should be an area.
“I really wouldn’t care because it doesn’t affect me, but basically it affects my health,’” said a student, Tyler Whitehead.
Jessica Saunders, a student, said she quit smoking 10 months ago, so now as a non-smoker, she understands what it is like from both viewpoints.
“I don’t think it should be a completely smoke-free campus. I have a right not to smoke and you have a right to smoke, just don’t be in the way of the doors,” said Saunders. “Maybe there should be a pay to smoke facility. “If you have to pay to use the restroom in Europe and that’s a natural function, then you should pay to smoke, because that ain’t natural.”


Sebastian Ciolos said...

I'm all for it, its disgusting when that intoxicating fume engulfs your nose after passing a smoker. Second hand smoke is just as bad as first. People are obviously addicted so there should be a designated area, but somewhere us non-smokers don't have to make contact with

Margaret Blakemore said...

Thank you for your comment Sebastian. We encourage any and all.

Hollie S said...

I think that the campus should be smoke free but I also think that there should be a spot off campus away from the buildings for them. I hate when smoke gets blown in my face just walking to class. I get headaches most the time from the smoke.

Elizabeth Skinner-Orgeron said...

I'm all for a smoke-free campus. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I was wondering how I could start a push to make Vol State a tobacco-free campus. Personally, it really bothers me when I walk through the Quad and have to breathe in all that smoke. Thank you to the people who have started to make this happen!

Annika said...

I agree with the two comments. I am not a smoker, in fact, I have never ever smoked in my life. I hate when I am walking to my class in Caudill and I have to walk through all the smoke. It is disgusting. I, along with other non-smokers, should not have to be exposed to the toxic fumes.

I agree that there should be a designated area on campus for the smokers. It is their decision to light up and smoke so they have the right to smoke, but I personally think I should have the right to walk to my classes without walking through a cloud of smoke and start coughing, especially with as much as I am paying (out of pocket) to be a student here.

Anonymous said...

As a former smoker, I am familiar with both sides of this debate. Smoking should be limited to a non-public use area. We have a nice quad area that we can only enjoy if we want to smell like and inhale the toxic second hand smoke, which isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

We have a right to be there! We don't smoke in the buildings and people just want to complain about something!!! Leave the smokers alone!! Please!!

Anonymous said...

My friend and I always have problems with walking behind people holding cigarettes or blowing out smoke, and who does it go on?! The people behind the smokers. I think that's inconsiderate. I understand that it is their right to smoke; however, I definitely agree that there should be designated smoking-areas out of the way of most students. It seems like you can't get away from the smoke anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am a smoker and I have never walked up to someone and blew my smoke in someone elses face. I have always tried to be considerate of other people walking around. I always try to blow my smoke in the other direction if I see someone walking up that is not smoking. I don't think that the whole campus should go completely smoke-free because it's not really fair to the smokers do you think? I do agree that a designated area would be good because I completely understand that non-smokers do not want to smell smoke. I get that but smokers also pay a lot of money out of our pocket to go to school there as well. I don't really think that everyone is going to agree on this topic, but all I'm saying is everyone should be considerate of other classmates because we are all going to school for the same reason no matter if we smoke or not. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the designated smoking areas. It is disgusting and I can't stand walking out the door and smelling smoke.