Friday, November 9, 2012

An "F" for School Spirit

Intramural Football Team C-Dub showing school spirit
Walking around Vol State campus this week, one would never guess it is the week of homecoming. Why does Vol State, a school with so much to offer its students, fail in the school spirit department?
If you read the letter to the editor in the Nov. 6 issue of The Settler, you would see that Jennifer Erickson, PTK president, feels that there is no school spirit from the students, faculty and staff.
Maybe there is school spirit, maybe students are just more reserved when it comes to showing it, and so, I went out and asked students, “How do you show your school spirit?”
“I show school spirit by being involved with clubs and trying to help other club members, said Erickson. “I try to get others involved without ruining their lives.”
“I have a shirt and a pair of sweatpants that I wear frequently,” said Tayler Louden. “On most campuses, you see people going to games and wearing their shirts. I’ve been to one baseball game and there was not enough people there.”
Not everyone I spoke to had school spirit or any intentions of showing it. To some, just getting through the day is all they can do here at Vol State.
“I don’t like school,” said Emily Kemp, a student majoring as a dental assistant. “I used all my school spirit in high school. I’m just ready to be done.”

Team Cat Daddy's Winners of Vol State
Flag Football Championship game.
Kemp said that she does not participate in anything on campus; she spends most of her time at church. But she would maybe have more school spirit if she chose a different school.
“If I had chosen a four year school, I would be more dedicated because I would be more dedicated to my degree,” said Kemp.
“I live too far away to be school spirited,” said Michael Broadway, a student majoring in physical therapy.
Broadway, like many of Vol State students also has a job off campus. He said that he works 35 hours a week, and he doesn’t make time to go out of his way for a campus event.
“If we had a football team, it would raise my interest,” said Broadway. “I like football!”
Vol State does not have a football team that plays against other colleges, but we do have intramural flag football teams, who take the game very serious. And some students show their school spirit by playing in intramural sports. 

Show your Vol State spirit at the homecoming game this Saturday Nov. 10 from 2-4 in the Pickel Field House gymnasium.  


Anonymous said...

Because Vol State is a joke..

Elizabeth S.O. said...

Well, now I realize how very ungrateful I have been. :/ Vol State has given me a second chance to succeed, just when I was about to give up hope of ever succeeding in the academic world, and I have been remiss about being involved on campus. Part of that is because I live 25 miles away from campus and have a little brother to help take care of. However, no matter how busy my schedule is, I should be able to squeeze in some time to give back to my school, which has given me so much.

Van Fields said...

I'm a football fan, have never cared much for basketball, sorry. I do wish all the teams good luck though. Now for the anonymous post, these type people tick me off. If you think Vol State is a joke, why are you here? If this school is a joke to you, I bet you are a straight A student "ain't" you? I bet not. People here are trying to better themselves. I hope and pray one day that will be what you hope for. To make fun of and down a place that gives you that oppurtunity is just ignorance. Misery loves company. Praying for you brother or sister, not sure "anonymous".

Margaret Blakemore said...

Thank you all for the feed back. I hope that the article inspired you to be more involved. We need more student leaders. I tend to see the same faces, new faces would be great. I understand that life gets in the way and you may not have time to commit to on campus activities, but it is good to know that you at least have spirit in your heart.

Anonymous said...

If Volstate was a four year school, was massively popular, and had other people going to it who were just as pumped about being there..I have a feeling it would be very different. Sad, but partly true.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of students are planning on attending other schools, so they don't feel the need to show school spirit.

Drake said...

I've gone to two different community colleges. Vol State, and one out in California. Community colleges will not have school spirit regardless of how hard they try. In California there was a SMALL amount of it at times because there was a football program, and from a community college standpoint it was pretty competitive, but it didn't help much. I think the bottom line is there are two types of students: Students who are at a CC as a pit stop to a 4-year school, where they actually might have a reason for school spirit, and those who are just in need of a degree of some type at this point of their lives and don't care about doing anything except leaving and going home.

Also, a lot of "commuter" universities don't have much spirit either.

Anonymous said...

I love Volstate! I would show more school spirit if I didn't have to work a full time job on 2nd shift. What is so great about Volstate is there is such a diversity with age, work scheduals, and parents with small children. With all of that said not everyone has time to go to a game and show their school spirit. Have you thought of that?

Margaret Blakemore said...

Thanks again for the comments. I continue to have conversations with students about school spirit. From what I have gained, the majority of students aspire to have the spirt, but can not attend events because of other things in their life. It's truly understandable.