Monday, November 12, 2012

Vol State Student Wins Election

The hard work of knocking on over 1,500 doors and calling several hundred people has paid off for student Zach Young who won a seat as a Goodlettsville City Commissioner, Tuesday Nov. 6.
“I’m just beside myself,” said Young.
Young said that it really mean a lot to him that over 3,000 people came out and voted for him. He said he received 21% of the votes and was 2nd place of the five individuals running. Three commissioners were elected and they were all sworn in Thursday night at the Goodlettsville City Council meeting.
“I don’t think life will be too much different,” said Young. “I expect it to be busy and harder, but I welcome the challenge.”
It could very well be a challenge for a 20 year-old college student. Young is the youngest Commissioner in the city of Goodlettsville.
“Age is just a number,” said Young. “It takes hard work, determination and passion. To set yourself up for success, you have to have passion about it.”
Young said that he would love to see more people his age running for government office. According to him, “It’s about meeting the right people and having the right support group.”  
He welcomes anyone with questions or interest in running for government office to contact him for help and/or support.

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Elizabeth S.O. said...

Age is indeed just a number, as Young has proven!