Friday, January 18, 2013

Advice for Future Nurses

Nursing has been a popular career choice for several years now. Getting into the workplace requires a solid education and a roadmap for how to get there.

Students seeking a degree in nursing should talk to and then stay in contact with their advisor.
“I didn’t know that I had to have a nursing advisor. I just so happened to be talking to my instructor who helped me get a nursing advisor,” said pre-nursing major, Kiera Campbell.
Vol State offers general classes for pre-nursing students through the Math and Science division; however, there are no nursing classes. The classes offered here are the general education courses, such as Anatomy and Physiology, that prepare you for work on a bachelor's degree at a four-year school. If students are seeking a degree in nursing, they will need an advisor and prepare for a program that works best for them. The Math and Science Division at Vol State can help them get started.
“If no one tells you what to do, then you’re lost,” said Campbell.
Vol State has formal partnerships (known as 2+2 programs) with Belmont University, Cumberland University and Union University, which allows graduates from Vol State to go directly into a program to receive a four-year BSN degree.
There is also a two-year program with Tennessee State University for students, once they have completed the general education courses with Vol State.
“There is not a universal nursing program,” said Nancy Morris, Dean of Math and Science Division. “All of these nursing programs have slightly different requirements.” 
According to Nancy Morris, Vol State is working to offer another 2+2 program with Austin Peay State University at the Highland Crest campus in Springfield.
“Our graduates are hot comodities… everyone wants Vol State graduates,” said Morris.
Pre-nursing students can pick up information about nursing programs in Warf 100, the Math and Science Division office.
Thursday, January 24 from 12:45p.m. - 2:10p.m. in Warf 110, an advisor from Cumberland University will be on campus to discuss their nursing program to interested nursing students.

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