Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Help with Your Course Work

The luster of the new semester is starting to fade and we're faced with the reality of papers, assignments and speeches. With so much on the student plate, being successful in college can seem like a dream. Vol State wants that dream to become a reality with the help of the Language Center, Supplemental Instruction and other tutoring labs on campus. You may have even noticed some colorful new posters on campus advertising the free programs.
Suzanne Previte, director of the Language Center said, “The Language Center can get a bad rap because individuals are thinking… They’re just there for the kids that can’t write but it’s for anyone who wants to communicate. Writing is the most difficult form of communication. When we write, we have to be the writer, speaker, and listener simultaneously."
Shala Curtis, an elementary education major, said she received tutoring assistance during her second semester in college.
“I went to them (The Language Center) because I couldn’t do a thesis. They also taught me the trick of reading the paragraph backwards to check for misspelled words,” said Curtis. “It makes a difference when you have a real person working with you."
Curtis has also had extra study help through Supplemental Instruction.
“I wish they had and S.I. in every class. She (the Supplemental Instruction leader) was open for questions and helped us prepare for test,” said Curtis
Shaun York, who walks with a cane, said that the tutoring on campus is a lot like his cane.
“Sometimes I don’t need it, but it's there in case I need to lean on it,” York said.
“We are not here because you can’t do it, we are here because you want to do it,” said Previte. 
I personally would like to thank the Language Center for all their hard work. If someone would have told me two years ago that I would be writing a blog for the entire college to read, I would have laughed in their face. With the help of the Language Center, I have been able to complete all three of my English courses with an A. This is quite the accomplishment for someone who was taking a fundamental English class during the 2011 spring semester.

For details on all of these programs and more, visit the College Success Zone website at www.volstate.edu/CollegeSuccess

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