Monday, January 14, 2013

Need a Ride or a Roommate?

The Vol State Facebook page is a great place to reach other students. You may neey need a ride to class or even a roommate. You can sell a textbook and find out about college events. Join us on our Facebook Friend page (we have two Facebook pages and the Friend page is the one for current students). We used to have a share a ride page on the blog, but now we're asking students to use the Facebook page for that purpose.

See you there!


LYNN TOWE said...

I drive from Lafayette to Gallatin to school mon,wed,fri 8am-2:25PM on those days. looking for a riding partner. I am a female. no guys please

Anonymous said...

roommate needed.2500sqft ranch house in Gallatin. Close to everything. Three quarters of the house is unused, so you'd have most of the house including two bedrooms, bath, dining, livingroom. I work a lot and usually visiting fiance on weekends. I am not particular about pets or visitors or noise. Just needing a little help with the rent. $350.00 month. Please text or call Adam at 615-596-7937 or email

adam finney said...

I am needing a roommate or two and offering a master bedroom with bath, adjacent bedroom, dining room and living room. Shared kitchen. I live in den area with bathroom. Big yard and lots of storage space. Visitors, noise, music doesn't bother me as I sleep with ear buds. If interested, the rent is $450 a month. Adam. 615-596-7937