Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What You Need to Know about Weather Delays and Cancelations

A reminder about our delay and closing procedure: 

Vol State does not follow the closings for the Sumner County schools. When we make a decision to delay or cancel classes we send out a text alert, post it here on Facebook, send a tweet, post to the Vol State blog, and to the website. We also post the info on area news stations and put it on the main phone answering message at 452-8600. We do make closing determinations by campus, so there is a chance that Livingston could be closed and the Main Campus open. Watch notices carefully. The quickest way to get info is by signing up for text alerts. The President determines delays and closings, taking into account students traveling to campus. However, this is not high school. You make the decision to attend class. If it is not safe for travel you can make the choice to not attend class. You must contact your instructor to find out what you missed. You can email all Vol State folks by using the People Finder app on the front page of our web. Here is a link for text alert sign up: http://www.volstate.edu/PublicRelations/TextAlert.php?ref=AZ

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