Thursday, February 21, 2013

Evening Student Events on Campus

Walking into the Student Services Office during the evening hours you will be greeted by the warm smile of Brenda Buffington, Director of Evening Services. Buffington, who was born and raised in Louisiana, has worked in education as a principal, counselor, and transition teacher before coming to Vol State about a year ago. She has brought her good old fashion Southern hospitality to the evening events her on campus.  
“When I was hired, I was told that we do pizza nights,” said Buffington. “In my administrative training I learned this; you don’t go into places just making changes. I was always taught to get to know the lay of the land, just sit back and observe. “
During the spring and summer semesters of 2012 Buffington observed and talked to students to get to know their interest and what they would like from evening services.
“If you are going to fish, then you need to know the bait that the fish like,” said Buffington.
What she found is that students do want food, but she wants to give them more than just food in a box.It has now become her mission to serve up good food and entertainment for evening students at least twice a month.
The next event is the “Soul Food Dinner” which will take place in the Hub (The area in front of the Student Services Office of the Wood Campus Center) Thursday Feb. 21. Before dinner, The Artisan’s Alliance is presenting “Coffee House of Soul” in the cafeteria where there will be live music, poetry and artist presentation.
“I just want to make everything that we do for our evening students to be as special as it can be, because I know that they work all day and have families," said Buffington. 
The evening events are open to all students and employees of Vol State and Buffington said that she would specifically like more participation from the daytime faculty and staff.

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