Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lose Your Flash Drive?

Imagine being a flash drive that was shipped from your native country (probably China) and brought to the exotic land of the United States.

Once you have been purchased and ripped away from the plastic that was slowly sucking away your life force, a new life begins with a new owner who will trust you to protect their personal information. 

It is the owner's job to protect you and keep you safe. As a flash drive you feel good when you are plugged into a computer and a warm soft glow illuminates from your body letting your owner know that you performing your duties.

But what happens if you are left into a computer in the Vol State’s library? You may begin to panic and imagine that your life with your owner is over. You feel unfamiliar hands tossing you into a box with other lost flash drives. 

Don’t panic, Vol State has a new found flash drive policy that can get you back to your owner safely, if they act in a timely manner. The policy states, “all flash drives found on campus will be taken to campus police at the earliest convenience by whoever found it or by IT personnel.”

Your owner can email with a complete description of you and maybe some details of what information you are holding. Geoffrey McPherson, Coordinator of Lab and Classroom Technology, will receive the email and contact your owner. He said he only looks at the you if he has several drives that are similar.

“If I have to look at it, I have a laptop that is not on the network that I can erase and won’t get a virus,” said McPherson.

Waiting for your owner can be like a prison sentence as you count down the days toward your execution.

“After seven days if you don’t send me an email, it’s destroyed. I will actually crush it, because it has your personal information on it.”

McPherson says that he receives about three to four flash drives a week and crushes about three to four a week.

As a flash drive, you have come a long way from your native land to provide a great service to a college student. Surely you don’t want your life to end by being crushed because your owner made a mistake? A mistake that will cost you your life, and possibly the owner a grade. 

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