Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Sound System for the Auditorium

We take our sound seriously here at Vol State. The demands of student productions and the recording and live sound program require that we have top-notch equipment. Director of Entertainment Media Industry Programs, Steve Bishir, has this update on the newest upgrade:

"The new sound system that has been installed in the Auditorium is a Bose Room Match system. It is a cutting edge system with less than 50 systems installed so far. We are proud to be one of those and we feel our Auditorium will now be a more professional sounding space and that will be to the benefit of all the programs that use it. Some immediate benefits will be the fact that the system was specifically designed for the room, so the audio will be cleaner and intelligibility increased. Also, the music programs and stage productions will have a new level of clarity that will make for a much more pleasant experience. The spill onto the stage from the house speakers is greatly reduced, resulting in better sound onstage and fewer problems with feedback from the stage into the house. Bose is even going to do blurb on their website about our installation and the speakers will serve as a demo for prospective customers in this area."

-Steve Bishir

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