Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Next American Idol at Vol State???

Do you ever watch the Fox television show “American Idol” and think to yourself, I could do that? That’s what 16 year old Jada Vance from Portland, Tenn thought and so she decided to audition for this season’s show.  
“My mom said that I came out singing,” said Jada Vance. The American Idol contestant came to sing today for Vol State’s Open Mic, which was organized by the Association of Campus Events (ACE).
Jada said that she is used to singing to big crowds because she grew up singing with her church.
She originally auditioned for the show during their small town bus tour in Bowling Green, then she was asked to audition in Baton Rouge, LA twice.
“I was more anxious than nervous to see the judges,” said Jada.

And then came the big moment. 
“I was like, you’re kidding,” said Jada when she was told by Mariah Carey that she was going to Hollywood. “There are no words to explain it.”
“Life before the audition was not as chaotic,” said Jada. “I had my space and I could go to the store without people staring. Now I can’t go out in my pajamas.”  
“I made her get in the car at the store because I couldn’t get anything done,” said Alesia Vance, Jada’s mom.
Alesia, who is a disabled veteran and single parent, said the entire experience has been a roller coaster. The family has been financially and emotionally up and down.
When it comes to dealing with the entertainment world, Alesia said that it’s important to keep your child grounded.
“If they don’t succeed that’s just one person’s opinion. Just keep loving your child and encouraging them,” said Alesia Vance.
Since the season is just beginning, Jada is not allowed to discuss what happened in Hollywood, so she encourages everyone to watch the show.
“I hope you guys get to see me in the upcoming show,” said Jada.

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Lisa Vance said...

Thanks for having Jada there. She enjoyed it. She said it was fun looking out and seeing people smiling and singing along with her. Great enviroment; great school!