Monday, February 18, 2013

You Think Your Major is Interesting: This Vol State Student Works with Reindeer

President's Ambassador Mandie Coons is enjoying the clinical work in her major...and meeting some unusual new clients. She has this story:

I am in the veterinary technician program and I am completing my clinical rotations. I complete my clinicals by working closely with a vet clinic in the area. You will never guess what I got to do yesterday?! I got to work with some reindeer. I thought the veterinarian and some of the techs that I was working with were trying to trick me, seeing as I am the new girl in the clinic, when they said that I would be going to work with reindeer but boy was I wrong and in for a huge surprise. We took a short trip down the road and there we were on a reindeer farm... Right here in Tennessee! I was so excited to have my first experience working with reindeer. I wish people really knew more about the opportunities that are available through Vol State. I would have never in a million years imagined that I would be hands on, working with real reindeer but it was all possible with the help of Vol State!

-Amanda Coons

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