Friday, March 22, 2013

The advantage of an internship

Spring is in the air, making graduation a hop, skip and a jump away. Student Services has mailed about 1,160 postcards to eligible graduates.With graduation approaching that means about 1,160 graduates are looking for jobs in their industry.

One thing that employers are interested in, besides education, is experience. College students can gain this experience by working as an intern. Currently Vol State does not offer a formal internship program; however, there are plenty of employers sending available paid and unpaid internships to Vol State instructors. 

Cody Partlow, a Vol State alumni who graduated last spring with an associate of science degree with a concentration in engineering, heard about an internship opportunity from his Physics professor.

“I learned just as much in my summer internship as I learned in my two years in college," said Partlow. “It definitely made me want to stay in school because of the pay grade and you get to do a lot of interesting work. It's where the rubber hits the road.” 

“People who go into engineering school learn problem solving factors. The problem solving skills that you develop in engineering school are very valuable in the career,” said Partlow.

Partlow was able to use those problem solving skills during his internship, which helped him decide if he was in the correct career field. He said his employers knew he had not yet finished college, so they understood that he could not do everything, but he was willing to do what it took to learn.

Currently, Partlow is attending Tennessee Tech and plans to graduate soon. He is interviewing with Denso Corporation, a global supplier of automotive technology systems and components, next week and he believes that his internship has prepared him for his future career.

Partlow said that students who are self-motivated and like to pursue knowledge are perfect candidates for internships. If that describes you be sure you talk to your instructor. 

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