Monday, March 4, 2013

The Road to Becoming a Nurse

Mary Hageman’s daughter lay in a hospital bed sick and surrounded by a team of good nurses but one nurse stood out from the rest. The nurse just didn’t seem compassionate enough for Hageman’s liking.

Because of those feelings, Hageman decided to give up a 15 year career in the clerical profession and return to school for pre-nursing classes at Vol State. She wanted to be a nurse who cares about her patients.  

While at Vol State, she became close with a group of friends who were also nursing majors preparing to transfer to Cumberland University, just like herself. They were the first students to participate in a transfer partnership between Vol State and Cumberland.

“We all worked together as a study group, and it helped to clarify things,” said Hageman. 

After graduating from Vol State  the transition to Cumberland University went smoothly. She even had her friends from Vol State and new friends at Cumberland by her side.

While at Cumberland, the group visited several hospitals to help them prepare for working in the medical field. 

“I don’t think that anything could get me prepared for the real world but it (Vol State and Cumberland) helped.”

Now, just a couple of months after graduating from Cumberland, Hageman is working as a nurse at Select Specialty Hospital in Nashville.

When she works with things that she learned in anatomy and physiology she said it's like a light bulb going off in her head .

“Oh, so that’s what that is...”

She still finds it hard to believe that just a few years ago she was working in an office, and now she is actually working in a hospital with patients.

“I feel like I am in the right spot because everything fell into place. My goal is to make sure that I show compassion to all my patients.”

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