Friday, March 22, 2013

What you need to know about student email changing

Students: Your student Vol State Email account is changing to Gmail. What does that mean for you? More storage space, the ability to sync with your smartphone and a familiar Gmail interface.

There is one step that every student will need to take in order for the system to work:

The first step in the student email changeover is for you to change your My Vol State password starting on Monday morning, March 25. You will not receive a prompt to do so…you will have to go in and change the password yourself. This will sync your My Vol State account to the new Gmail system. However, during that week you will still be receiving emails to your usual email box. You will also have the week, until March 28, to move any emails you want to save over to the new system. For directions on that visit:

If you don’t want to save any emails you don’t have to do anything after you change your my Vol State password.

Your email address will not change in this process, simply the email system itself.

The entire email system will then be down from March 28 through March 31 for the changeover. You won’t be able to access email or change your password that weekend. Everything should be running again on Monday, April 1. You will be able to change your password after that to sync to the new Google system if you have not done so yet. If you have problems you should visit the above web page. However, the IT Help Desk will also be able to assist at 615-230-3302.

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