Monday, April 15, 2013

EMT Students Participate in Mass Casualty Exercise

The Boston Marathon tragedy shows the great need for emergency training and response. First responders are a big part of that training and our EMT students are the future first responders.

75 Vol State EMT students participated as simulated “patients/victims” in a large-scale mass casualty evacuation exercise recently.  The exercise simulated a mass casualty disaster occurring out of state requiring the evacuation of people to Tennessee for extended medical care. "Patients" were offloaded from military aircraft at the Tennessee National Guard Air Base in Smyrna and transported by mass casualty buses and ambulances to seven hospitals in Middle Tennessee.  Several students were moulaged (the art of applying make-up to mimic injuries) to simulate blast and burn injuries. The “patients” were triaged and treated at the regional hospitals. 15 Vol State EMT Instructors were stationed at each hospital and the air base to coordinate the loading and offloading of buses and ambulances.  

EMS Education faculty and students received high praise from the VA regional emergency response team leaders and hospital officials. 

-EMS Director Robert Davis

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