Monday, April 1, 2013

Express Your Point of View

There's a new club on campus that is allowing students to think critically and debate today's issues without fear of ridicule. The Political Awareness and Current Events (P.A.C.E) club allows students to discuss current events from their own point of view.
"The club is open and welcomes a multiplicity of opinions and ideology," said Michael Lenz, the advisor for the club.
Lenz said the club was created to allow dialogue on campus about pressing political issues. He believes that it is important for students to get involved in the discussions and wants other faculty members to encourage students to take part. 
Johnathan Reynolds, PACE president, directs the discussion by asking questions like, "What makes same-sex marriage relevant or irrelevant to the government?" 
"I'm asking questions to provoke thought," said Reynolds during the March 22 meeting.
A lot of thought seems to occur with the students who participate in the discussion, it's like a light bulb has been turned on. 
"Most kids our age are sheltered from what our parents don't want us to know," said Derflinger.
Derflinger says the club has allowed him to be open to other cultures and experiences that he wasn't as open to before.
Wade Browne said he attends the meetings because he has a desire to stimulate his mind. He grew up with a family that taught him things that he is beginning to realize may not be so true.

"More diversity leads to a much better group meeting," said Cody McFarlin. "Because when everybody is one sided, the conversation goes nowhere and it's not intriguing. When there is different voices of opinion, it's much more enjoyable."

Everyone has an opinion; some individuals like to express their opinions more than others, while some just stand in the background trying to avoid conflict. P.A.C.E allows students to voice their opinions without fear of confrontation.

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