Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lady Pioneers are Playing Hard Despite Injuries

Now that it is beginning to feel like spring, you may want to go out to the ball park and watch America’s favorite past time, but don’t forget about the ladies. Our softball team, The Lady Pioneers, is working hard to stay on top of their game.
“We’ve had a couple of injuries that we normally haven't had in the past,” said Coach Johnny Lynn. “We are basically hurt and injured right now, I think we have 12 live bodies and one is hurt and can’t run.”
Even with hurt players the team still maintains a great attitude about the season.  The team consists of a freshmen majority with a few returning sophomores, so they have had to learn how to play together and how to deal with changes when someone gets hurt. 
“I feel like this season has gone awesome,” said sophomore player, Molly Bellamy.  “I expected us to kind of hang our head at first, but we have done a lot better, improved and we have come a long way.”
Being tied for second in the state illustrates how they have come a long way with hurt and injured players. Chelsea Burd says that she is very upset to be out for the season with an injury, but she continues to come to the games and practice to support her teammates.
”They are a good group that does what you tell them," said Lynn. “We didn’t know what to expect when all of this happened. They have battled and worked hard and that is all a coach can ask for.”
So, come out and watch the Lady Pioneers continue their battle this season. Check out the complete game schedule here.

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