Monday, April 22, 2013

Logistics Students Connected to the Professional World

One of the most well-connected programs on campus is the Logistics Management program in the Business Division.  Logistics is simply the business of making things move: products, packages, information and even people. It's a process used by businesses and industries across the globe. The Logistics program not only trains students for a career in Logistics- a big part of the program are the relationships with area businesses that use Logistics to do business: Amazon, GAP Inc and LifeWay are just a few examples.

Recently, Vol State logistics Students toured the LifeWay Christian Resources Distribution Center in Lebanon. LifeWay General Manager Rodney Cathey and Outbound Transportation Manager Brian Heflin provided a two-hour tour highlighted by LifeWay's pick-to-light and pick-to-voice warehouse systems. Rodney is a Vol State Adjunct Instructor and a Logistics Advisory Board Member. Brian is a Vol State Logistics AAS Graduate and a Logistics Advisory Board Member.

Pictured left to right after the tour are Pamela Paschall, Brenda Fennell, Dawn Leady, Brian Heflin, George Wilson, Andrew Schneider, and John Kemper. Photo by Beverly Wilson.

Check out the Vol State Logistics program web page to learn more about this growing profession:

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