Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tips for Landing the Job

As the end of the semester and summer approaches, a vast number of students are looking for employment. On April 24, 2013 Vol State will host its Spring Job Fair with about 80 potential employers and vendors. So, what can set you apart from other applicants? Dr. Rick Parrent, Director of the Office of Career Replacement, Cooperative Education, and Service Learning has tips to help you land that job or internship.

Tips for the Job Fair or Interview
Get a good night sleep
Dress for success
Be prepared (Have a resume)
Have a firm handshake
Don’t leave until you have something to take with you (business card)
Don’t wear perfume or cologne (someone may be allergic)

Resume Tips
Use a cover letter
Use action verbs
Organize to fit the employer's criteria
Include one valid phone number

At the career fair individuals should keep an open mind. "Don't just think that because maybe somebody is not exactly what you are looking for, that there is not somebody that you are actually looking for," said Parrent.

Sounds confusing right? But Parrent says just because you are looking for a job in computers information systems, don't say you're out of luck because there are no IT firms. There will be government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations there and all of those companies need individuals for IT.

Even if you are not graduating this semester or looking for a job, Parrent says, “Now is the time to begin to start networking and building relationship. It's a moment to be able to establish a rapport, be understood and known, then you can have an insider looking at you."

Parrent invites students seeking full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs to also visit the Career Placement website.

If you would like feedback on your resume or cover letter, send a copy to

"This is the office that helps with career development skills," said Parent.

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