Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Interview to go with that Great Picture

You may have seen this photo from the Tennessean on Facebook and the blog earlier this week. It shows one of our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) students helping a runner at the recent Music City Marathon. It was such a great photo we wanted to learn more about how Vol State EMS students participated that day, so we talked to Doyle Walker, the dedicated first responder in the picture. He's been in EMS for many years and had a different spin on what happened that day.

"The runner crossed the finish line. He was wobbling a bit so two of us grabbed him," said Walker. His legs went out so I picked him up and took him to the medical tent."

The original story from the newspaper had Walker taking the runner across the finish line. It's still shows the effort and dedication of our students. Walker says working the Marathon helped broaden his experience.

"I've been in EMS since 1997 and it's always been in the ER or in an ambulance. Those of us at the finish line were there for patients who were having trouble finishing. You look to pick out the ones who need to be treated. They suffered from dehydration, hypothermia, hyponatremia, we had two patients with contractions going into labor. Muscles cramps and dehydration were the main thing, though."

25 Vol State EMS students and faculty worked at the Marathon. Most were working in one of the medical tents, but five were picked out to help at the finish line. Congrats to all of our EMS students and faculty who worked the event. You did us proud. And a special thanks to photographer Jae S. Lee with the Tennessean for taking such a great photo. Here are the other students:

Andrew Bell

Dustin Woodard/Beard

Doyle Walker

Charles Price

Alex Bonick

Tammy Rawls

Tyler Cothron

Kyle Cravens

Stephen Jernigan

James Solomon

Mathew Lauger

Erich Czaplinski 

William Frazier

Sam Turner

Tiffany Morris

Russ Heflin

Zackaria Mrayan

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