Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The New Vol State Student Designed App

Have you ever wondered where a certain office was on Vol State's campus or an office’s phone number? Well now there is a student designed app for that. Vol State students in the "Introduction to Programing Logic Using Mobile Applications" class has spent most of the semester working on Campus Hound, a mobile app to assist students around campus.
“This is strictly for the android platform,” said  instructor Dan Arena. "It's bound to be found by campus hound."

The app has mapping features to give you directions to anywhere on campus, a directory of frequently called numbers, the academic calendar, and RSS feeds to campus news and information sources to let students know what’s going on.

"I think the new app is cool," said John Hogan. "I hate having to go online when I need to find a professor or phone number." 
“There is a feature kind of like the Siri feature where you can talk and say things like Bookstore and the app will call the bookstore,” said Arena.

"That (Campus Hound) would be pretty helpful when I'm looking for the Bookstore's phone number, like yesterday when I couldn't find it anywhere," said Josh Maggart.

Maggart said that he looks up things involving Vol State all the time and he has found them one way or another, but now he has downloaded Campus Hound and he believes it will save him a lot of time previously spent on Google searches.
The students in Arena's class have come up with everything for the application, from the graphics to the name to the branding and marketing plan.

You can now download the app by scanning the QR code to the left or at the Google Play Store by searching "Campus Hound" or "VolState". Sorry, but this app is not available for iPhones or iPads. 

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Ferrell Lewis said...

Hooray, Campus Hound is finally here! I had a great time developing the app. My team and I really wanted students to have a fun and cool app to use at Vol State. I hope you enjoy it!