Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vol State Students Span the Globe: Our First Trip Report

Vol State students are traveling across the globe this month as part of the Vol State International Education travel-study program. We'll have several reports over the next week. The first is from Jesse Walker who is traveling in Europe right now:

Hey there!

I just wanted to write you a small bit about the trip so far!

I'm currently in Vienna, Austria. Today we started off with a walking tour of the city center. We saw Parliament and Town Hall buildings. We then used the metro system to travel to Belvedere (pictured). This palace is now an art gallery to some beautiful pieces from medieval, baroque, and many others periods. I'm studying Art Appreciation and our assignment was to observe the art to discuss it tonight during class. Hearing what others thought about it was a great way to pick up more information about the museum. 

After walking around the spectacular gardens surrounding the palace, we mailed some postcards and found a great restaurant serving the traditional weiner schnitzel. So good!

Class was held outside at the hostel today and once finished, we went to a small amusement park and rode the Ferris Wheel which provided panorama views of the entire Viennese skyline. Amazing!

We have a free day tomorrow so it will most likely consist of a few other museums (specifically the Freud and Mozart museums). We travel to Budapest, Hungary the following day. 

I'm having a great time and the trip is just getting started!!!

-Jesse Walker

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Rachel Carmack said...

So glad you are having fun and taking in the history and culture! Keep the blogs coming!