Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Advice for Students Taking Learning Support Classes

Many of you may have to take Learning Support classes this year. Do you remember when you had to meet with an adviser the first time before registering for classes? You already had your path of courses mapped out for transferring or graduating, but found out that you had to take a Learning Support class. It stings your ego just a bit, leaving you feeling disappointed.  I know that feeling.

I was disappointed that I could not take college level math. When I met with my adviser as a first time freshman, I stared at my schedule. In bold print, in black and white there it was staring me right in my face: Developmental Math, now called Learning Support Math.

Taking Learning Support classes does not mean that you are not intelligent or that it is the end of your college success. It can actually be the beginning of your success in college coursework. Learning Support, whether it be in math, reading, or English will help you get ready for college level courses.

The math and reading courses are offered through computerized programs, however students in Learning Support English are required to work through a structured writing process. Students enrolled in Learning Support math and reading courses can work ahead by completing exams and activities. In addition to the convenience of working ahead here on campus, Learning Support is great because you can work from home, as well.

Like many of you, I do have a life outside of Vol State which includes: family, work, and the occasional soccer practice to attend. I have discovered that taking Learning Support is flexible, because you can work at your own speed. There are a few sections in my math courses that I found simple, which allowed me to move quickly, and there are sections that I needed extra help with. The Learning Commons has faculty and staff on site to help you succeed in your course.If I did not understand the way the math problem was presented on the computer, a staff member would happily show me another way, so I could understand.

Craig Stella, a first time student at Vol State has had successful results using the Learning Support sections in math.

"I was upset that I had to start from the bottom but I am liking how I can work at my own pace," said Stella. "I want to get as much as I can done and Learning Support allows me to do that".

How long it will take you will be based on the time and effort you invest in moving through the course. So make sure you participate, so you will not fall behind. Learning Support classes prepare you for success in college-level courses, but will not count toward graduation. Just remember- they are your first step towards college success.


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