Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Consider Travel Study this Year

What can travel-study do for you? It can provide new ideas and give you a new perspective. Anne-Marie Ruttenbur, the coordinator of the program, has Carmen Arcila's story:

This past summer, Carmen Arcila, traveled to China to study for three weeks via Vol State’s International Education program. Carmen is an outstanding Vol State student (now graduate) who also received a U.S. government grant to travel and study internationally via a U.S. Gilman Scholarship. Upon Carmen’s return, she shared her China experiences with Gallatin’s Children Are People, Inc. program (CAPS). It was so exciting to see Carmen’s enthusiasm not only for Vol State’s travel/study program, but also for Vol State. She talked to the children about the importance of attending college and how Vol State could help them reach their goals, like she was reaching hers. Carmen has successfully transferred to MTSU and continues her studies in International Business. She thanked so many people at Vol State for helping her along her journey. She explained how only five years ago she learned to speak English and today she on her way to finishing a four-year degree, in her words “thanks to Vol State!”

It was inspirational to see Carmen reach out to the future Vol State students and I wanted all of you to know what we do here truly does make a difference in the lives of many people.

-Anne-Marie Ruttenbur

If you have questions regarding Vol State’s International Education program visit the web page

Or email Anne-Marie at ann-marie.ruttenbur@volstate.edu

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