Monday, August 12, 2013

Let me introduce myself

I have been given the honor of writing for Vol State's student blog. I want to introduce myself to all of you and express my hope that you will enjoy my blog.

My name is Tiffany Rivera, and I am the new student blogger on campus. I have a few responsibilities here on campus but my most recognized is Vol State's Blog. I hope that you, as a student will use the blog as a tool to stay informed on campus information and happenings.

I know starting something that is new and foreign to you, can be exciting and crazy at the same time. I hope to make your transition onto campus as painless and smooth as possible. So, over the weeks leading up to classes starting, the blog will have informational content on what to expect the first couple of weeks of college.
 If you see me on campus, please don't be afraid to approach me.
I encourage anyone to submit information about interesting events that are going on in your lives. Perhaps you are organizing a new club on campus, are planning on studying abroad, or have a campus issue you want addressed. Please contact me by email at or you can contact me by phone, 230-3215.

I hope that everyone has a successful year and I look forward to seeing everyone on campus.

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