Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet Kayla and Michael

Kayla Thompson

Q: What would you change about Vol State?

Kayla- " I would definitely want a daycare center on site. I think it would help out a lot of mom's on campus"

Q: How many years will it take to earn your degree?

Kayla-" Four years for my Bachelor's degree in Nursing"

Q: How did you choose your major? How do you know that it is the right one for you?

Kayla-" My major is Nursing. Many of my family members are  in the Medical Field so it's always been present."
"It's a passion to me and is interesting, there is so much to learn."
Michael Peach

Q: Have you lost any of your old friends prior to Vol State? Have you made any new friends?

Michael- " Since going to Vol State I have not really hung out with any of my old friends, but I have made tons of new friends during the time I have been here"

Q: Are you involved in any extra curricular activities on campus?

Michael- " No, I am not sure if it counts ,but I come here everyday (Duffer Plaza) to play hacky sack."

Q:How many years will it take you to earn your degree?

Michael- "I would say around five years to finish my Biology degree"

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