Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet Parajesh and Craig

Parajesh Patel

I ran into Parajesh Patel, a student that recently moved here from India and asked him a how his second day of classes are going.

Q: Which class do you look forward to?

Parajesh-" Grammar 1.It's my first time to the United States. I like that class because it helps me strengthen my English."

Q: Is it difficult transitioning from what school is like in India versus here in the United States?

Parajesh-" There are many similarities and differences. Everything is new,that is difficult"

Freshman, Craig Stella recently moved here from Port St. Lucie,Florida.

Q: What is your goal for the new school year?

Craig- “I guess I want to do what every college student wants to do -- to discover themselves and decide what they want to do in life.”

Q: Do you have a class that you can immediately sense is going to be your favorite?

Craig- "Sports Yoga. Because I want to be a Physical Therapist and also try to play college football when I transfer from here"

Q: How do you plan to make the semester run smoothly?

Craig-"I learned a few things about crafting a perfect schedule.I like to start my day around 9 a.m. So I can enjoy a slow morning and have some buffer time so that I never oversleep and accidentally miss an exam."

Craig Stella

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