Thursday, August 22, 2013

Preventing Parking Hell

In the past, I would drive around for what seemed like hours trying to find a parking space on campus. At times I'd almost be moved to tears out of frustration and the fear of being late to class.

I'm not alone. I'm sure that you and your classmates can share a few horror stories about the first few weeks of the semester.
Starting Monday, classes will be in full swing. There will be thousands of new and returning students on campus. When you combine that many people, along with students experiencing Vol State for the first time, things can get chaotic fast.

Here are a few tips that could ease traffic, open parking spaces, and get you to class on time.

Arrive Early- If your class starts at 8:00 am please do not arrive at 7:55am. I recommend arriving to campus 20 to 30 minutes prior to class beginning. Those extra minutes will make a world of difference.
  • Use the other entrances. The entrance off of Green Lea Blvd. is still rarely used and is one of my favorite ways to get on to campus. In the mornings, the Gap Blvd. entrance is used less than Vol State's main entrance on Nashville Pike. 
  •  Commit to a parking spot. Don't waste time searching for that perfect spot close to your first class. This causes additional traffic congestion and it could possibly make you late to your class.....BUT make sure it is an authorized parking space.  Do not park in faculty, handicap, and even visitor parking. You will get a ticket 
  • Be prepared to park in the outer lots around campus due to closer lots being full at peak times between 9am-1:00pm. Again, allow yourself enough time to walk from these lots.         
I visited Vol State's Campus Police Department and spoke with Chief  William Rogan Jr. on what could make things go smoothly for you.

"I encourage everyone to get their decals. Every student and faculty member has to have a decal to park on campus. It causes problems and could lead to a ticket," Rogan explains.

William D. Rogan Jr.
Chief of VSCC Campus Police

Chief Rogan had a couple of other tips to assist in students in parking.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the new campus map. A few notable changes on it is the new Wallace Health Sciences Complex, as well as the Police Call Boxes are identified.
  2. Remember to abide by the speed limit. The speed limit on campus is 15 MPH,use caution for pedestrians.

So, just keep in mind of the different ways to enter campus as well as the additional lots to park. Plan your day early and obey all parking signs.

Just a quick tip. Your instructor is not obligated to give you a "pass" because you failed to plan to be on time, looking for a parking space or being stuck in traffic probably will not get you anywhere but late.

If you need assistance finding your way around check out our new campus map.


Lisa Murray said...

Excellent advice. Thank you. I try to park far enough away to get in a bit of exercise, walking to class. I also plan on parking elsewhere and riding a bike in for exercise.

Tiffany Rivera said...

You are welcome Lisa! Have you thought about getting a step pedometer for those walks to class? Have a great start of your fall semester. :)