Monday, August 26, 2013

Staying on Track with Advising

Amanda Foster assisting a student
When I first attended Vol State in 2003, I met with an advisor and learned my pathway to graduation. My first semester was great. I met with someone in the Advising Office often, was present in class, and stayed on top of tasks that were assigned to me. Somewhere in between then and now I lost track of what my purpose was here at Vol State and what I needed to succeed.

Now I am back on campus and ready to stay on track. I met with Advising on numerous occasions to discuss my academic path. I found out that I was taking classes that did not interest me at all. Which as a result lead to me failing my courses and not attending school. I wanted a degree simply for a paycheck. From my perspective, it is a bad idea to go into a career for the money. I tried and failed miserably, now I am taking classes toward a degree that will hopefully leave me happy in my career choice of Public Relations.

With the guidance of my advisor, I have chosen classes that interest me and still count toward my degree requirements. I have a long-term academic plan that is designed to meet my academic goals for not only Vol State but when I transfer to a university.
Raphael Howard helps a student with the registration process

 Advisors can help with:
  • Selecting courses that match your interests and skills
  • Choosing a degree program at Vol State or another university
  • Making a long-term academic plan in order to meet your goals
  • Interpretation of test scores and transcripts from other colleges
  • Short- and long-term academic planning
  • Transfer requirements, registration procedures,and class scheduling
  • Academic concerns and special needs
Terry Bubb
I stopped by the Advising Center and I had a chance to speak with director Terry Bubb.

"It's important to know that the classes you are taking correspond with your degree," he said.

The Advising Center is not only your hub to help you with registering for courses. The faculty are there to help you beyond the registration process.

"The Advising Center is also here for help in limited Personal Counseling," Bubb said. "Monitoring the student's academic progress, and career counseling. All of our Advising Counselors are Career Counselors as well, so along with academic guidance they can help you with resume writing,interview tips, as well as finding a job.

I did not know that those resources that were available to me here on campus. I had no idea that I was doing it all wrong. I think that if I had stayed on top of my goals and communicated with an advisor, I would have graduated years ago.  I encourage students to take advantage of the Advising Office.It makes sense that if you know where you’re going, you’re more likely to get there.

For more information on the Advising Center and what they have to offer please check out their link:

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