Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tips for Taking Online Classes

Online classes start on Saturday...that's when you will be able to see them on the My Vol State online page. Vol State online classes should open up early in the morning Saturday and RODP late that afternoon. You should log-on on Saturday to see what the instructor expects and when your first assignments are due. Those first assignments are often how they take attendance, which in the first week is critical for your financial aid. Here are some tips for taking online courses: 

What is MyVolState Online?

MyVolState Online is an online learning environment that

lets student access course materials and communicate

with their peers and professors, as well as submit

assignments, take tests, and receive grades.

How do I access MyVolState Online?

You can access MyVolState Online through any of the

websites listed below. For detailed assistance, see the back

of this sheet.

Get to your classes through the My Vol State portal:

Or directly with this address:

MyVolState Online Quick Reference

1. Class Title: “SPAN-1010” is the course

number, followed by the section number


2. Course Home: Return to the class


3. Content: Access course materials, such as

your syllabus, lecture notes, or other


4. Discussions: Participate in online class


5. Dropbox: Submit assignments for

assessment by your professor

6. Quizzes: Take online quizzes or tests

7. Grades: View your class grades

8. Classlist: A convenient way to view a list of

your classmates and contact them

9. My Home: View all classes you are enrolled

in, as well as view news and


10. Email: MyVolState Online has an email

service that is not able to send or receive

emails from personal or external accounts

11. Logout: Securely end your online session

Tips and Advice

• You must have reliable Internet access and a

functioning computer in order to use MyVolState

Online, or to complete an online class

• An online course is every bit as engaging and

challenging as a physical classroom; however,

students are not required to show up at a

specific time each day. This type of learning

requires discipline, motivation, and great time

management skills.

• Read syllabi very carefully to check for possible

proctored exams, due dates, quizzes, etc.

• It’s good practice to log out and close your web

browser when you’re finished using MyVolState

Online. This prevents other users from seeing

sensitive or personal information.

Visit the online learning You Tube channel for helpful videos:

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