Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Your Home For Learning Support Classes Has Moved

I am a returning student to Vol State. I've noticed so many changes since returning to campus. There is one change that may impact you if you take Learning Support classes, like I did last year. The Learning Commons has moved to the first floor of the Thigpen Library.The decision to locate these these two useful resources alongside each other will hopefully lead to a supportive and encouraging learning environment. Previously, the Learning Commons was located inside the Warf Building. Learning Support classes in math, reading and English at Vol State are now all held in the Learning Commons in the Library.

The previous location had many computers and resources such as individual computerized programs. But I felt as if the space was too small for all of the people using the Learning Commons.

The newly designed location has a substantial space and is more comfortable. . There are work areas for small groups, as well for individuals who may need their own space. Each computer station has plenty of room for each user to have their own personal space.

Gianna Price, a first time student at Vol State likes the availability of computers and the placement of the workstations.

"I like to get as much done as I can," said Cruz. "My time is limited, so it is nice to have an open computer when I need it."

From my own experience, I would avoid going into the Learning Commons in the old location when it seemed crowded. There were times that I would have to wait for an available computer. I like the open floor plan and the feeling of  the new centralized location.

"The proximity to the library is what I am liking,"   said Learning Support student Eddy Rivera. "The Warf building seemed so distant from my other classes. I appreciate the amount of people available to help at any time."

Students should also be aware that the Learning Commons staff can help them with all sorts of academic assistance.They would be glad to answer questions about the many free Vol State academic support services available such as Smarthinking online tutoring, Supplemental Instruction and test preparation.There is a Learning Commons location on each of the campuses in Gallatin, Livingston and Springfield.

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