Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Inside Look of the Gaming Club

Gaming is not only limited to video games, but table top games as well.

I can go ahead and put away any assumptions that I have had about gaming, whether it be table top games like Magic:The Gathering, computer games such as World Of Warcraft, or video games from Final Fantasy to Dark Souls II.

I have never thought of gaming as anything but a childish hobby. So, when I was introduced to the idea of doing a story that was outside of my comfort zone, I decided to go in with an open mind.

I was welcomed by the President of the Gaming club to attend a meeting, and see what Vol State's Gaming Club was all about.

The Gaming Club has a great presence here on campus and their meetings have the proof.

I was able to sit down with the core leaders of this club and receive some one-on-one time with them to get a more in-depth look of the club.

The President of the Gaming Club, Tyler Duncan was happy to pass on information on why he thinks the Gaming Club is a positive organization to have on campus.
Tyler Duncan, Gaming Club President

"Most people regardless of clique, interest, or whatever; most people enjoy having fun," said Duncan .
"It's a really easy way to get people of different ideas and beliefs to come together, talk to each other and be friends."

Kera "Steve" Malone continued, "We like the idea that we are bringing different people of different varieties and different backgrounds together, doing what they all enjoy."

" The point of our club is to help people transition, to make people feel more comfortable with themselves and people around them,"said Kera.

One of the Gaming Club's missions is that they hope that everyone knows that when they come to the meetings, that every person at the meeting feels accepted.

(Back)LtoR: Tyler Duncan-President, Dante Schuckman- Officer of Public Relations
(Front)LtoR:Kera "Steve" Malone-Vice President, Samantha Lane- Events Manager
They welcome everyone to come to a meeting and see what they are all about. The members of the club want everyone to know that there are many people that come from different backgrounds that enjoy gaming. Whether you are into sports or politics, but enjoy gaming you can come to a meeting and feel as an equal.

The group has many events planned in the near future. From a Cosplay event at Fall Fest or "Nerdy November" that will be held during homecoming.

If you would like to find out more about these events or would like to attend a meeting, you can contact the group through email at or you can connect with them through Facebook.

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