Thursday, September 5, 2013

Check Out What's Cooking At The Vol State Grill

Cashier, Nacole Richard helps a student with her transaction
Ahhh…the school cafeteria, a bane of college student life. In the past, this term conjured up images of stale pizza, mystery meat stews and the wilted salad bars. Today, campus dining halls offer everything from premium burgers to vegetarian meal options. Haven’t been to our school’s cafeteria lately? Well, stop by and check it out. You may soon find that a campus meal plan is not only more affordable, but more delicious and healthy as well.

For those of you that visit, the Vol State Grill may be a regular stop in your campus routine. But others may not even know that we have a restaurant on campus. Paul and Abby Fields own the Grill and they say they're constantly working to revamp the menu to meet student needs.

Paul and his team want you to have a dining experience that is fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. Menus will include fresh whole fruit, salad bars with a variety of toppings, home-baked items, deli bar, and a wide selection of entrees at each meal

The Grill is open for breakfast starting at 7:30 a.m. They have a breakfast bar filled with scrambled eggs,bacon, sausage, and even pancakes. Or you could grab a bagel and some fruit to start your day.

Students can receive "cook to order" options
If you're health conscious, you don't have to dive into all those carbs. Also, a fresh salad bar that has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are available. They have products like Muscle Milk and a wide variety of protein and energy bars, such as the Clif Bar.

"Our food is cooked fresh daily," Fields says. "From the hot bar to the salad bar everything is prepared fresh and even perhaps a more healthier version of any drive-thru."

For the student that is in a hurry, the grab-n-go section has items such as corn dogs, pizza, and onion rings ready for your enjoyment.

They even have fresh subs. Partner that with the condiment bar, that allows you to be your own sandwich artist.

"One thing I started doing last year is the turkey that is on the subs sandwiches are fresh. They are seasoned and prepared here in our kitchen", Fields said.

If you are looking for a home -style type meal, you can receive a meat and three type of lunch. Items such as grilled chicken, country fried steak, and lasagna are prepared daily.

The manager lunch special is offered daily for $6.25. A meat, partnered with two vegetables, including a drink and a roll.

Charles Payne enjoying a quick bite before class
I met second year student, Charles Payne in the dining area and asked him how he likes the food and service.

"I like that it has a restaurant type of feel to it, I can order pretty much whatever I want."

"The prices are very reasonable and they have great choices. I mix up my meals every time I am in here."

I asked Payne if he had a favorite item and he responded with a big smile." I love everything here but if I had to choose, I'd choose the Philly cheese steak."

Located in the Wood Campus Center, there is an entrance across the hall from Student Services. The Vol State Grill is open Monday-Friday 7:30am until 4:00pm.

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