Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ministry Brings Kenyan Native to Vol State

Christopher Juma and President of Church Missions Network, Phil Johnsey

Sometimes it is easy to complain about what you do or do not have. I know that there have been many times I have thought: "Man if I only had more money" or "Life just sucks."

Christopher Juma of Kenya, grew up on the Ugandan border. From a young child he has faced adversity. His mother raised him and his father was highly ranked in the military in Africa; a father whom he only met three times. The last time he saw his father, the man was lying in a coffin.
Christopher Juma tells his story to Vol State.

"It did not pain me a lot because I did not know my father. I was saddened because it was my dad, but not devastated" said Juma.

And then his mother became gravely ill and died within months.

"Just think, I had lost the one person that was the most precious thing to me, my mother,and I was all alone," he said.

To survive he would sneak into people's homes in his village and steal food. At seven years old he had no family, no clothes, or food. Christopher had nowhere to turn. 

Throughout his journey he faced many more hurdles. He was placed in a camp and had to hustle for survival. He escaped that camp and he eventually stopped hustling.

Donations provide health care to villages that are in need.

One day, Juma decided to give his life to God. Soon after he escaped the camp, he returned to Kenya where he cared for 14 orphans including those with medical conditions like AIDS, leprosy, and epilepsy. He now has his own ministry in Africa. He often provides shelter in a 600 square foot house with no electricity or running water. 

Juma in Africa with his "Children".
Currently, Juma is traveling the United States to spread the word of God and to share his story. Vol State campus ministry organized a visit with students. His courage reminds us that when we think "life sucks" we can't even imagine what others might be going through. If they can overcome, perhaps we can as well.

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Jessie Provenzano said...

This is a great story about a person who struggle to live is life even if it was not lucky or easy at all. I think it is a great inspiration to anyone especially during this tough times.

Tiffany Rivera said...

Thank you Jessie! I was really inspired from his story.