Thursday, November 7, 2013

Now You Can Change Your Own My Vol State Password

Students and staff can now change their own password if you are having problems logging onto My Vol State. This should help cut down on the reasons to call the IT Help Desk phone number. Here is how it works.

To use the new Utility click the link on the Portal Login page for ‘Change or Activate Your Password’ which is located under the Login button.  The first screen contains instructions on the utility and the password guidelines.

After clicking the ‘Continue’ button the individual will be asked enter their verification information.  Everything is required and must match Banner (which is also what should be listed on the VSCC ID card).  This entire process is on a time-limit.  The count-down clock is in red in the upper right.

After entering the information and clicking the ‘Verify’ button the next screen displays the username at the top and allows entry of a new password.  As before there is a time-limit and the count-down clock is displayed.  Here a new password can be entered (and confirmed).  After changing the password there should be immediate access to use it to log onto a computer on-campus or into the Portal.

If you are still having problems, by all means call the IT Help Desk ,that's what they are there for. But hopefully this will prove useful in the future.

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