Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vol State Students Help Make Christmas a Little Brighter

Students pose with Santa Claus at a previous Christmas for the Kids Event.
The holiday season reminds us to be giving, selfless, and fortunate for what we have. Many of us look for ways to reach out to those who are less fortunate than us or who are simply going through a hard time financially.

The SGA (Student Government Association) along with other student organizations at Vol State will be hosting Christmas For the Kids. It's an annual event. Christmas for the Kids (CFTK) allows Vol State students, faculty and staff to make Christmas a little brighter for the children of students here on campus.

Jacob Young, SGA vice-president and CFTK chairman.
During the past few weeks, students were able to fill out applications to have their child's name placed on a Christmas tree. Those children will have gifts bought for them.

On Saturday, December 7 from 2-4 p.m. in the Cafeteria, there will be a party held for the children. The party will include crafts, games, gifts, food, and most importantly Santa Claus.

Jacob Young, Christmas For The Kids Committee Chairman, was pleased with the participation this year.

"Monday was the deadline to turn in applications. Our goal was 75 kids. We were thrilled that we exceeded our goal with 78 kids to help this year," said Jacob.

Beginning Monday November 25, you can pick an ornament off of the Christmas tree in the Cafeteria. Once you choose a name, you can sign-up in Wood 215 at the Office of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives.

"We wanted it to be ready by Monday, so that if anyone was wanting to shop Black Friday they could. Possibly finding some great deals on items," said Young.

This event is only for Vol State students. There are other charities similar to this in the Sumner County area, such as Toys For Tots. This is an event that gives Vol State an opportunity to give back to our campus community.

If you have questions, contact Lori Miller in the Student Life and Diversity Initiatives office at 615-230-3461.


Anonymous said...

I do not think this article was checked for grammar; there are several errors. Ms. Rivera needs to proofread her articles before sending them in to be posted as this is not the first of her articles to contain content and grammatical errors.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany,Thank you for covering this event! I think you are doing a wonderful job and you are a great writer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last person to post. Also it should be noted that the date for the tree and ornaments to go up is Monday, November 25th.

Anonymous said...

It is a blog, not the Great American Novel! Get over yourself Anonymous #1!