Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Vol State Smoking Policy Has Changed

You may have heard that the Vol State smoking policy has changed, starting this semester. The campus is now smoke-free, with the exception of parking lots, and even then the smoker must be 50 feet from all buildings. The new policy is in effect now. Smokers will find butt receptacles in the parking lot areas that mark the borderline for smoking. It is hoped that the parking lot allowance will help those people who smoke, while making the overall campus a cleaner environment for those who do not.

Police and Vol State employees will warn smokers who are violating the policy. Smokers who throw butts on the ground can expect a fine if they are caught.

For more information on the policy, please visit a special web page on the subject. It has a link to the entire policy and resources for those who are interested in quitting smoking.

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