Monday, January 13, 2014

Things You Need to Know for Spring Semester

We look forward to seeing the Vol State campus bustling and busy soon as the spring semester gets underway. Here are a few things to keep in mind this semester:
-We have a new building open on campus. It’s called Wallace South and it's next to the original Wallace Health Sciences building. Wallace South is the new home to EMS, Ophthalmic, Sonography, Medical Laboratory Technology and Sleep Diagnostics.
-Parking behind the Wallace South building is faculty, staff and disability accessible only. The H and G lots are open to students. They are quite large and a short walk from Wallace, Mattox and central campus.
-To help give students more spaces the Library parking lot has been converted to general parking with the exception of some staff spaces. The parking spaces near the Library and directly across from Mattox are also now general parking
-The new campus map is available online. New students may want to print it up. As always, please give yourself extra time on the first few days of classes to find parking and get acclimated.
-If you’re expecting a financial aid refund in the spring, please note the new way to choose how you would like to receive your money. You can now make your selection through the Vol State portal. Visit this link for instruction. Call the business office at 615-230-3585 if you have any questions.
-Monday, January 20th is the MLK, Jr. Holiday. There will not be any classes and the campuses will be closed.
-And finally, a reminder that we have a new smoking policy on campus. Smoking is now only allowed in parking lots and at least 50 feet from all buildings. You will notice receptacles for cigarette butts at these locations. Please use them or risk a fine for littering.

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