Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Attention Students - Name Changes for Fall Business Classes

For those of you registering for fall classes, the Business Division has changed the names of several courses. Please be aware of these changes before you go to look for fall classes:

Business Division Course Renaming – Effective Fall 2014
Original Course Number & Name
Revised Course Number & Name
BUS 155* Business Mathematics
BUSN 1320* Business Calculations
BUS 100* Job Readiness
BUSN 1000* Job Readiness
BUS 110* Introduction to Business
BUSN 1305* Introduction to Business
BUS 111* Keyboarding with Word Processing
BUSN 1302* Keyboarding with Word Processing
BUS 200T* Information Resources in Business
BUSN 200T* Information Resources in Business
BUS 222* Business Communications
BUSN 1310* Business Communications
BUS 251* Business Law
BUSN 2370* Legal Environment of Business
BUS 276T* Selected Problems in Business
BUSN 276T* Selected Problems in Business
MGT 120* Supervision Principles
BUSN 1380* Supervisory Management
MGT 200* Project Design and Management
BUSN 2385* Project Design and Management
MGT 264* Human Resources in Management
BUSN 2340* Human Resource Management
MKT 110* Principles of Marketing
BUSN 2380* Principles of Marketing
INFS 150* Microcomputer Spreadsheets
BUSN 1370* Spreadsheet Applications
BUS 280* Cooperative Work Experience
BUSN 2395* Business Applications

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