Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Important Info for Financial Aid Students

Important info for Financial Aid students: If you have received a Financial Aid award notification from the college, the Financial Aid money will automatically be credited towards your Fall class fees. Some people are confused by an August 15 date. Don't worry about that date. If you have received an official financial aid award notification, you can see the money now in the "Authorized Aid" section of My Vol State. If that amount covers all of your fees, then you are set and it will be automatically credited. If it less than Fall fees, you will need to pay the balance by tomorrow afternoon. Once again, if you have received an official financial aid notification email and it's for an amount that covers your fall class fees, you will not be dropped from classes. If your file is still incomplete, you may have a problem. If so, get those documents needed to Financial Aid and give them a call at 230-3456.

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