Monday, August 18, 2014

Laser-focus paves way for final year

With just one week remaining until classes begin, returning Volunteer State Community College student Courtney Young is eager to get her final year as a Pioneer underway.

The Gordonsville student is excited for her second year at Vol State, mainly because she will finally be getting a chance to take the nursing courses she has been itching to take since she arrived on campus last year.
"This is really my time to focus on getting those electives done, so I can get all my credits," Young said.
And staying focused is exactly what Young plans to do as she makes the final preparations for the start of what she imagines will be a great school year.
"I'm trying to get everything done. I'm really excited to get through all of my science classes before I finally transfer," she said.
Young said she initially chose to attend Vol State because she had friends who told her it was an easy way to transition themselves into the world of higher education. Being able to take her freshman year and get much of her general education courses out of the way has positioned Young to get a head start on the remainder of her college career.
"It's a lot easier. Some of my friends went to a four-year college, and they are struggling, so I think it's easier just to go here," she said.
To help assist with that type of easy transition, Vol State has numerous academic support programs in place for students who might be struggling with specific areas of study.
One of the other aspects Young has enjoyed is being able to take advantage of Vol State's participation in the Tennessee Transfer Pathways program, which guarantees all of her credits will transfer to another Tennessee institution.
Since Young plans on completing her nursing education at Tennessee Technological University, the program has been highly beneficial.
What is Young looking forward to the most about this year?
That would be the culmination of lots of hard work.
"I'm just ready to get my nursing degree," she said with a smile.

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