Friday, August 8, 2014

Six Things Students Need to Know Now

Here are six things you need to know before Fall classes start on August 25:

One: You can pick up student IDs and parking passes starting on August 14 in Student Services, Wood Campus Center, Room 217 on the Gallatin campus. See the front desks at Livingston and Highland. Please bring a photo ID and proof (receipt or print-out) that you have paid your tuition and fees. Returning students will just need to have a sticker put on their old ID, so make sure you bring the old ID along. There is no extra cost for parking or an ID, as the cost is already included in your student fees.

Two: If you are new to the Vol State Gallatin campus, give yourself plenty of time to park and find your way around during the first week of classes. Arrive early and consider using the back entrance off of GreenLea. It’s much less crowded than the Nashville Pike entrance.

Three: Print up the campus map to help spot your classes before you arrive. Also, some office locations changed this summer.

Four: Online classes start the first day of classes, August 25. Make sure you check in right away, especially if you have Financial Aid. Online classes have things students need to do to check attendance, just like traditional classes.

Five: Friend us on Facebook to make sure you stay in touch with the latest tips and info from the college. We post things to that page several times a day. Be sure to go to the Friend page. The Like Facebook page is for people considering college. Go to this one

Six: Sign up for text alerts to find out right away when classes might be delayed or canceled due to weather. A reminder: Vol State is not part of the Sumner County school system. So, if the TV stations say Sumner County is closed, that has nothing to do with Vol State. We put listings on TV and radio as Vol State, but the quickest way to find out is by signing up for text alerts or going to our web page. We also post closings on Facebook, but you will have to visit the exact page…it may not come up on your news feed.

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